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So you are interested in buying HGH but you heard that your first choice (5kits) might be a scam? Take a few minutes and let me explain:

5kits has a copycat scammer who is targeting our customers. But why whould someone fake us?

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Why does 5kits use multiple domain names?

How do I know you are the real Zhao Yong and which set of 5kits sites is real?

Internet censorship, monopoly of corporations and brief history on HGH sales

If at some point all of your sites dissappear from the internet again, how will I recognize your new ones?

Who is the 5kits scammer?

5kits reputation and forum reviews


If you have any questions or comments, or if you have been scammed by the fake 5kits, please get in touch with me inside our system here:

Best Regards,
Zhao Yong